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We ask volunteers to send their contact information to Volunteers would be asked to distribute the one page leaflet in English and Spanish advising undocumented residents of their rights. The leaflet should also be distributed to groups who have access to undocumented residents. We suggest churches, labor exchanges and other gathering places. The email will be monitored by our Iowa volunteer coordinator Emily Alcock and our Minnesota volunteer coordinator Marlone Henriquez; both came to us through Enrique Morones of The Border Angels. They are also reaching out to students at various campuses to get volunteers in other states.

Our Los Angeles based volunteer coordinator, Attorney Michael Nasatir along with his wife Delight, have been devoted 25 years to assisting undocumented residents. We hope to name additional coordinators in the near future. It should be noted we will not be ready to distribute any leaflets until after the election. Hopefully we will not have to implement our efforts, but if we do, we need to be ready as soon as the deportation plans are announced.

Thank you.

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